Memorial Day, Mt. Laundry, Big Boy Bed, and a New Dining Room Table

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Didja get all of that? That’s what happens when I don’t blog for several days. You get a loooonnngggg title! Ha!

Hmmm, where to begin? I guess I will start with Memorial Day. As usual, our family placed flags at the graves of Shane’s grandpa and my uncles. This year, two of my nieces were in town and joined us!


The girls love this tradition, and so do I!


Mt. Laundry has not quite been tackled yet, but I can see the light! I posted this on Facebook a little after 3 pm this afternoon.


I was already behind on laundry, so our trip this weekend, plus needing to get everything clean for Abby Grace and Shane to head to Children’s Camp on Wednesday meant Momma had to get to work. I have no laundry system (I had a really good one when Shane was in Seminary and was at school on his day off.), but I’m trying a new one.

Before leaving on our annual Memorial Day trip with Shane’s family, I made two big changes in our home. I’m good at making big changes!


One, Shane and I took down Cam’s crib. He flat-out refused to sleep in it anyway (can you say, “kicking and screaming”?), so it was just sitting there in the way. We moved in our toddler bed to see if he would like that any better. The verdict? He slept in it for 30 minutes today. A milestone to say the least, although his nap was not near what he needed to keep the crankies away for the remainder of the day.


And two… I got a new-to-me dining room table! I did not need a new one, but friends of Shane’s parents are moving, and they had a lllooooovely pine table and chairs set for a deal I could not pass up. Our other table and chairs was very nice, but it had two things that are not ideal for families with children: white cushions (back and bottom that could not be recovered… or kept clean!) and glass pieces on top. My table was never clean, but it was a table and I did like it. However, when the chance to snag a table like I have always wanted came up, I had to take it. It is also a bit longer, but not nearly as wide as my old one, so we have more walking space in the kitchen. Hooray!


Now, if I can get everyone packed and ready for tomorrow, I’ll be happy! {wink}


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